Profit Tuner Inc.

Born out of the experience that businesses grow faster and more resilient when they are on top of their numbers.  Focused on making financial results accessible, Profit Tuner helps clients build and implement plans to reach short and long-term goals.

Through a three pillar approach, Profit Tuner helps Digital Marking Agencies consistently discover the shortest distance to improving cash flow, creating repeatable, sustained profits and achieve their lofty goals. 

Mark Stovel CPA, CA

Mark is the founder and CEO of Profit Tuner. He started college planning to study architecture, but became quickly sidetracked by business and entrepreneurship. He discovered the challenge of creating a business and managing all it’s components. 

After graduating Mark completed his CPA designated with Ernst & Young, a global accounting firm. He worked in the audit and acquisition due diligence groups for over four years. After his time there, he moved to be the financial and operational controller for a manufacturing firm in the oil & gas industry for three years. 

In 2016, Mark launched an online CPA firm, serving businesses across the country. He helped companies get into the cloud, leverage tech in their operations and selling, and manage their business by their numbers. Mark sold the firm in 2021.

In 2021, Mark started Profit Tuner to focus more on the long term growth of digital marketing agencies.